We are team Camperisimo!

We are like youWe love to travel and we know how nice it is when it is with a camperWe want to go now so that tomorrow we could wake up on the beach, and the next day – on the mountain. The world is big, routes are waiting for us everywhere and we are always welcome!

Кемпери под наем снимка

You set off without a plan, reservations and not-knowing for how long, looking for adventures and dreaming of freedom! We are glad to meet you – for people like you, we at Camperisimo open the doors of our comfortable mobile homes, and you choose the direction.

We have taken care to select and provide you with a variety of campers, regardless of what kind of crew you are. You will travel with the whole family, go on vacation with friends or want to escape just the two of you – Camperisimo has the right interior option and technical parameters of your house on wheels. All campers for rent are new models of leading European brands LAIKA, Weinsberg, Ahorn, Rimor, Mclouis, Elliot, PLA and are regularly subject to strict technical checks!

At Camperisimo, your safety and comfort are our priority. At your disposal are our special “Additional packages” which will remind you what you will need during your vacation to enjoy it to the fullest and to concentrate on rest and entertainment.

Rent your home on wheels and make your Campercation* unforgettable!

Campercation – life on the road, the road to life, the way you want it! This condition is most commonly vied in free-spirited people on campers.