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1. Reservations:

1.1. Reservations for renting a camper can be made by an 18-year-old person either by phone (on the number 0888 677 676 or 0882 000020) or through the online platform on the website at:

1.2. For a successful reservation it is necessary to confirm from the LESSOR / when booking by phone – orally, when booking through the online platform – in writing) for the availability of the preferred vehicle for the requested rental period.

2. Conclusion of a contract for rent and payment of a deposit.

2.1. Within 24 hours of a successful reservation, the candidate-renter should conclude a rental agreement for the selected vehicle for the requested period, as well as pay a deposit of 50% of the total rental price for the rental period.

3. Necessary documents and conditions for employment:

3.1. For concluding a rental contract and preparing a power of attorney for the driver (when the trip is abroad) the following documents are submitted for data collection and verification:

– valid driver’s license and driving license;
– valid ID card with a validity period of not less than 2 months after the expiration date of the rental period;
– a valid international passport (only for travel to non-EU countries) valid for at least 2 months after the date of expiry of the rental period;

3.2. Requirements for drivers:

– be aged between 25 and 65;
– have at least two years of experience as an active driver and a category B driving license;
* Any driver who is subject to medical or legal restrictions on driving must inform the LESSOR in advance.

4. The Rental Price includes:

  • Insurance – Motor hull and Civil Liability
  • Vignette for the
  • Republican road network
  • Full fuel tank
  • Full tank with clean water
  • Full bottle of propane-butane gas
  • Cleaned toilet cartridge and consumables for it
  • Cleaned wastewater tank
  • Cleaned and disinfected camper externally and internally
  • Power of attorney for driving the camper in
  • Bulgarian and English (for travelers abroad)
  • Extensive standard equipment – air conditioning, 24-inch LED TV, digital antenna with amplifier, solar panel, bicycle rack, rear view camera, awning, tensioners, clamps, levellers 2 pcs., Combined gas detector 3 in 1, USB and 220V consoles for charging, set of comfortable insoles, ladder, hygienic materials – liquid soap, detergent, etc.
  • Safety package – first aid kit, reflective vests, fire extinguisher, compressor and tire spray
  • Camping accessories package – tools, extension cord and adapter 220V, hose and water adapter
  • Start package – internal and external cleaning and three-stage disinfection, technical inspection, refueling, gas, water

* In case the Lessee wishes to use during the Rental period any of the Additional packages and / or extras offered by the Lessor, a separate payment is due for the same according to the price of the Additional announced by the Lessor. package / extra

5. Insurance:

5.1. Campers are rented with full motor hull and civil liability insurance. All damages caused to the camper during the Rental Period, for which the LESSEE has not submitted an Accident Report issued by the traffic police or the relevant equal state bodies abroad, are covered and are entirely at the expense of the LESSEE.

5.2. The personal belongings and accessories of the Tenants are not insured against theft and should not be left unattended for the period of use of the rental camper.

5.3. It is recommended to the LESSEE for his security and peace of mind during the trip to take out the following insurances:

* insurance against all risks;
* insurance for cancellation of reservation;
* medical insurance for the driver and passengers;

6. Parking of personal vehicle for the duration of the Rental Period:

The Lessor provides the Lessee of a camper with the opportunity to use at his request 1 free parking space of his personal car for the Rental Term.

7. Cancellation of reservation:

The LESSOR reserves the right to cancel a confirmed reservation in the following cases:

7.1. in case no Rental Agreement has been concluded for the same reservation within 24 hours of making a reservation and no deposit has been paid under the Agreement;

7.2. if it is established that the driver’s license, driving license, identity card or international passport of the driver expires in less than 2 months from the deadline of the rental period;

7.3. in case of non-observance of the term for additional payment of the total rental price or guarantee deposit;

7.4. if it is established that the person who made the reservation has declared incorrect or inaccurate data;

* In the above cases, if there are amounts paid by the Tenant, they are not refundable.

7.5. Upon establishing that the term of the foreign national driving license presented by the Lessee has expired under Art. 162 of the Traffic Act, in which the Lessee had the right to use it on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria for driving a motor vehicle.

For the avoidance of doubt: The Landlord is not obliged when concluding a Contract for

on a special camper car with the Lessee to check the authenticity or validity of the identity card and driver’s license submitted by the Lessee for data collection. When the police impose sanctions on the Lessee or his companion, to whom he has provided the management of the rented car, as a result of driving the camper with false / or expired personal documents during the Rental Period, incl. when driving a camper with a driver’s license with expired validity and / or expired term of use on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria of a foreign driving license, which would in some way affect the rented camper (including not only removal of registration plates and termination of registration of the car for a certain period, imposing a sanction on the owner of the camper / landlord, etc.) and payment of compensation for all damages and lost profits suffered by the Lessor under the concluded Rental Agreement for the period in which the rented car will not be able to be rented or used due to the removed license plates;

8. Payments:

8.1. All payments after a reservation and a rental agreement are made in BGN at the BNB exchange rate on the day of payment. Payments are made in cash at the address in Sofia, 54 Andrey Lyapchev Blvd. in compliance with the provisions of the Law on Restriction of Payments in cash or to the bank account of the Lessor, specified in the Lease Agreement of the rented car. The bank fees for the transfer are at the expense of the LESSEE.

9. Lease period. Time and conditions for receiving and returning rented campers:

9.1. The rental period is specified in the lease agreement concluded with the Lessor.

9.2. Receipt of the camper by the Tenant is done every day from 09.00 to 17.00.

9.3. The return of the camper by the Lessee is made until 17.00 on the agreed date of return.

9.4. Address for receiving or returning the camper from the Lessee: Sofia, Mladost 2, 54 Andrey Lyapchev Blvd. The camper can be picked up and returned from another location with an advance payment of an additional fee of 2.00 BGN per kilometer from the city of Sofia to the settlement requested by the Lessee for receiving and / or returning the rented car.

9.5. Upon signing the Handover Protocol for handing over the car, the Lessor instructs the Lessee for correct management and use of the camper and its equipment, which instruction should be followed by the Lessee and his companions.

10. Faults, damages, damages and accidents with the rented car. Repairs.

10.1. The LESSEE is liable for damages to the rented car, resulting from:

10.1.1. hazardous properties (explosiveness, flammability, corrosivity, etc.) of a material or substance, if transported with the rented car, with the exception of fuel, lubricants and coolants located in the relevant factory tanks and systems of the car and necessary for its operation;

10.1.2. impact and / or contact of the rented car with an electrical conductor or other current-carrying element of an external electrical network;

10.1.3. an explosion and / or fire occurring during the use of the rented car by equipment, fixture or other that is placed next to or in the rented car by the lessee or his companions and does not belong to the lessor;

10.1.4. penetration or suction of water, mud or other substances into the engine and / or passenger compartment of the rented car during the rental period;

10.1.5. freezing of water or other liquid in any of the systems of the rented car as a result of actions of the renter, incl. and in case the same person visits with a car places predisposing to it;

10.1.6. landslides or collapses of earth or rocks caused by excavation or other human activity – only if the tenant could have foreseen or had the knowledge, or could have had the knowledge that in the specific place, where he has resided with the car, has such an activity or the place itself is predisposed to it;

10.1.7. improper operation, self-towing, overloading or poor attachment to the ground surface of the rented car, non-compliance with the established rules for fire protection and / or transportation of passengers or goods by car;

10.1.8. gross negligence or culpable act or omission, including intentional, of the lessee or his companions or third parties during the lease term;

10.1.9. intentional action or inaction of a person committing the act for selfish purposes in complicity with the tenant or his relative / friend / acquaintance;

10.1.10. intentional actions or inactions of the lessee and / or his relative / friend / acquaintance, aimed at staging an insurance event with the rented car;

10.1.11. lack or theft of

personal belongings, luggage, cargo or other items located in the rented car and property of the landlord;

10.1.12. damage from burns or tears on the upholstery or other elements of the interior (interior) of the rented car, unless they are a direct consequence of an insured event;

10.1.13. damages caused to part of the accessories (or equipment) of the camper or by their incorrect placement or operation by the LESSEE such as air conditioning, satellite dish, bicycle rack, awning, solar, etc. similar. For the avoidance of doubt: these so-called “accessories” of the camper are not subject to the concluded Auto Casco insurance, therefore all absences or damages caused to any of them during the Rental Period or damages caused by t The so-called “accessories” of the camper itself or of third parties (or items) from the incorrect placement or operation of these accessories are borne entirely by the LESSEE.

10.2. The tenant is obliged to take care of the rented camper with the care of a good landlord and to regularly check the level of oil and coolant in the engine and the tire pressure.

10.3. In case of malfunctions and / or damages in the camper (due to wear of parts during normal use) after the rental period has started to run, the Lessee is obliged to immediately notify the Lessor by phone 0888 677 767 and 0882 000020. In the cases of the previous sentence The Lessee undertakes the following actions in accordance with the instructions received from the Lessor: repair of the camper at the nearest service station and / or use of Roadside Assistance to take the camper to a service center or to another place specified by the Lessor for vehicle repair. In these cases, the Lessor refunds to the Lessee the amounts paid for repairs upon return of the camper against submitted original invoices. Repairs and / or replacement in the event of a flat tire or explosion are not reimbursed.

10.4. In the cases under item 10.3., In which the repair of the camper requires leaving the vehicle in service, and in case of impossibility of the Lessor to provide the Lessee with a replacement camper for the rest of the rental period, the Lessor reimburses the Renter the rental price for this period.

10.5. The LESSEE is responsible for all costs caused as a result of violation of the Road Traffic Act, regardless of the territory of which the violation was committed, and all fines and other sanctions for such violation are due and paid by him. The driver is fully responsible for damage caused after the use of alcohol, drugs and / or other narcotics and substances, despite having an accident document issued by the relevant authorities.

10.6. All malfunctions, breakages and repairs caused as a result of negligence and unscrupulous management by the LESSEE are at his expense.


11.1. uncleaned toilet cassette – BGN 150;

11.2. uncleaned wastewater tank – BGN 30;

11.3. in case of incomplete fuel tank – BGN 30 + the value of the fuel;

11.4. uncleaned interior camper – BGN 70;

11.5. unclean externally camper – BGN 30;

11.6. for returning the camper in a heavily soiled state (with stains on fabrics, floors, walls, etc., which require their washing or require other special treatment to be cleaned) – BGN 150;

11.7. in case of a flat tire of the camper during the Rental period and use of a “Service package” located in the camper and including a compressor with a refill tube – BGN 120 + the price of the tire;

** When purchased extra. package “Preparation and cleaning of the camper” fees under Art. 11.2., 11.3., 11.4. and 11.5. are not due by the Lessee.





The Landlord has the right to change or supplement these General Terms and Conditions at any time. These General Terms and Conditions enter into force on 27.05.2021 and are valid until their cancellation or change by the Landlord.

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