New motorhomes with driving license category B requirement

High-quality standard equipment & additional packages

Variety of models, sizes and internal layouts

New campers with driving license category B requirement

High-quality standard equipment & additional packages

Variety of models, sizes and internal layouts

Hello you, freedom-loving traveler!

Hello you, freedom-loving traveler!

If you live with perfect harmony with the environment, you respect nature and you have a burning desire to wake up with a new window view every day, you are one of us. You wanderlust, you don’t simply travel. With the Camperisimo’s comfortable campers you will discover the charm of campering and it will become your favorite, even if you have never set foot on a campsite before.

Choose your camper for rent and enter the freedom loving society of the new Robinson-Crusoes! 

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Frequently asked questions

1. How to book and pay for a camper rental?

The reservation can be made by online inquiry on our website or by giving a call at +359 888 677 676. Payments can be made in cash or by bank transfer.

2. What I have to pay to rent a camper?

Deposit of 50% of the rental price for the period. The rest has to be paid up to 2 weeks before the rental date. The warranty deposit amount varies depending on the model of the selected camper. The amount will be refunded in full upon return. See our rental general terms here.

3. What documents do I need to have in order to rent a camper?

To rent and drive a camper from Camperisimo you need to have a valid driver’s license category B, at least two years experience in driving and you must be between 25 and 65 y.o.

4. What is included in the rent?

The rent includes a camper with high-quality standard equipment, a full tank of fuel, a full bottle of gas, a full tank of clean water, insurance, a vignette for the Republican road network, motor vehicle power of attorney in Bulgarian and English. For more comfort at your disposal are our special additional packages.

5. Which camper is right for me?

We offer a variety of campers from leading European manufacturers: Laika, Weinsberg, Rimor, Ahorn, McLouis, PLA and CI in which can travel with a different number of passengers. The campers contain different interior layouts and amenities suitable for every taste.

6. Can I leave my personal car with you during my trip?

Yes, Camperisimo provides free parking for the tenant’s personal car for the duration of the rental period.

7. When can I take or return a camper?
Every day between 9:00 and 17:00.

Why choose Camperisimo?

  • High-end standard camper equipment at the best price

Camperisimo takes care of your comfortable life on the road. The standard equipment that you will receive from us at the start is air conditioning, 24-inch TV and digital antenna, awning, solar panel, bicycle rack and much more. You have the unique opportunity to travel economically with a camper rental, using your own equipment! And everything you don’t have – we will find it for you.

  • Special care for the youngest

The happiest of camper trips are the children! We know this because we all at Camperisimo have smaller and bigger campers! The experience from the holidays with our children is valuable and indicative of what the little Robinsons need during the adventure, so that it is not only interesting, but also maximally protected, safe and accident-free! In our campers we have prepared a special package “Children’s smiles” for free for our children.

  • Campers from leading European manufacturers

We have gathered up-to-date and well-maintained campers for your trouble-free, secluded and comfortable vacation. Our mobile homes are with the brands LAIKA, Weinsberg, Ahorn, McLouis, Rimor, Elliot and PLA.

  • Campers of various sizes, various equipment and interior layouts

All of Camperisimo’s campers are between 5.90 m and 7.70 m long, according to the individual needs of our traveler.

  • Camper Bonus Program

Travel with us regularly and take advantage of our special offers and useful gifts!

  • Glamper - the specialty of Camperisimo!

At Camperisimo we believe that camper travel and camping is a high-quality experience that does not need any compromise! With our rental campers, you can feel the glamping – camping experience, provided with luxury amenities. Browse our gallery of exquisite dining sets, bed linen, appliances, camping equipment, additional extras, and choose your option for a comfortable trip!

  • Insurance

With Camperisimo you get a camper for rent with full insurance included for a peaceful journey.

  • Additional equipment packages for even greater comfort

Your comfort and individual requirements are ensured with many Additional packages equipment and extras. From kitchen equipment and bedroom sets to electric scooters and sunbeds – furnish your vacation with amenities of your choice.

Why choose Camperisimo?